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National Aquarium Blacktip Reef Exhibit


The new Blacktip Reef exhibit is home to the Blacktip Reef shark and other sea creatures native to the Indo-Pacific reef. This feature occupies the heart of the National Aquarium in an area previously inhabited by the Wings in the Water. SGH consulted on concrete repair concepts for the deteriorated Wings in the Water ray tray and the waterproofing design for the new Blacktip Reef exhibit and filtration tanks.

SGH consulted on the repair design proposed by others to rehabilitate the concrete tank for its reuse in the Blacktip Reef exhibit. As part of our work, we reviewed concrete repair drawings and proposed plans for concrete and corrosion mitigation. SGH provided advice to address deterioration caused by corrosion of embedded steel and methods to help the design team obtain useful cost estimates.

We also assisted the design team during construction by reviewing waterproofing and coating shop drawings and monitoring the tank waterproofing installation. SGH suggested materials and recommended waterproofing details to accommodate the tank geometry and penetrations. Our construction phase services included visiting the site to compare the as-installed waterproofing to the design intent, observing tank watertightness testing, and helping resolve unforeseen conditions.

SGH also worked on the following projects at the aquarium:

  • Consulting on sloped roofing at the Pier 4 Dolphin Discovery exhibit
  • Performing a condition assessment of the Tropical Rainforest exhibit curtain wall and sloped glazing systems and the Harbor Overlook sloped glazing system as part of a planned glazing replacement project
  • Investigating and designing repairs to address leakage through the Australia exhibit sloped glazing system

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