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Mount Greylock Veterans War Memorial Tower and Bascom Lodge


Mount Greylock, the highest point in Massachusetts, is home to two historic structures: the Veterans War Memorial Tower, built in 1932, and Bascom Lodge, completed in 1937. Both structures are on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Mount Greylock Summit Historic District. SGH assessed the condition of the deteriorating tower and lodge to help the Commonwealth of Massachusetts plan for repairs.

As part of a comprehensive study led by DHK Architects, SGH evaluated the structures and building enclosure for both the tower and the lodge. We determined the tower, constructed of large granite blocks with a reinforced concrete and brick masonry core, suffered from pervasive water infiltration and cyclic freezing and thawing. We also observed structural damage to the timber framing and rubble stone foundation at the lodge and concluded the lodge windows should be replaced.

SGH developed immediate and long-term repairs to preserve the structures and meet the Commonwealth’s long-term capital facilities development plan.  Highlights of our remedial plan include the following:

  • Repairing damaged stone and installing a double sealant over existing mortar joints at the tower to mitigate water infiltration
  • Restoring the bronze and glass globe tower beacon
  • Building a mini tower mockup with granite cladding over a waterproofing membrane on brick masonry backup to evaluate this assembly’s performance in the severe Mount Greylock environment and its effectiveness as a long-term repair option
  • Replacing windows, underpinning deteriorated foundations sections, and repairing damage to timber framing at the lodge

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Matthew Bronski
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Pedro Sifre
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