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Middlebury College, Fine Arts Center Museum


The award-winning Fine Arts Center, constructed in 1991, is a wood-framed structure with copper roofing and various wall systems. The building suffered from leakage at the roofs and condensation in the art gallery and at skylights that caused deterioration of components within the exterior walls and dripped into the building. SGH investigated the causes of the building enclosure issues and designed repairs.

The standing seam copper roofing suffered from leakage at flashing and at tears in the panels. Restriction of thermal movement caused buckling and tearing of the copper sheets, but previous remedial efforts to relieve thermal stresses were not effective. We also identified leakage at rooftop mechanical penthouses due to inadequate flashing and investigated air flow and related condensation problems in the art gallery. SGH designed the remedial work listed below and provided construction administration services.

  • A new standing seam copper roof, skylight repairs, and flashing at the louvered rooftop mechanical penthouses
  • Repairs to the building enclosure that included the installation of continuous air barriers in the various wall and roof systems
  • Copper shingle wall system on the art gallery to replace the deteriorated stucco wall system, including wall framing and air barrier components
  • Structure and copper roofing for a new canopy over the building entrance to prevent sliding snow from accumulating at the entrance

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Peter  Nelson
Peter Nelson
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Jeffry Ceruti
Jeffry Ceruti
Senior Principal