Massachusetts School Building Authority, Building Enclosure Commissioning


The Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) requires commissioning on all of their self-funded projects to ensure the new building operates as intended. SGH performs building enclosure commissioning in a partnership with mechanical engineering commissioning agents to provide whole building commissioning for the MSBA construction projects. Our team has commissioned new schools for the MSBA, including Nelson Place Elementary, Beverly Middle, and Minutemen Regional Technical High, and is actively working on several others.

SGH focuses on the design and performance of below-grade waterproofing, wall assemblies, fenestration, and roofing. Our building enclosure commissioning work includes the following:

  • Developing a commissioning plan and specifications for inclusion in project documents
  • Performing design-phase reviews of the enclosure construction documents to verify that the Owner’s Project Requirements are met
  • Reviewing submittals and shop drawings to verify proposed systems are consistent with design intent
  • Participating in preconstruction meetings to discuss commissioning
  • Visiting the site to compare enclosure installation to design requirements
  • Witnessing performance testing of installed enclosure systems, including:
    • Water/air leakage testing of windows, curtain walls, storefronts, and skylights
    • Sealant and air barrier adhesion testing
    • Flood testing of newly installed roof systems
  • Performing infrared surveys of walls and roofs at project completion to locate any potential air or water leakage
  • Preparing in a final commissioning report summarizing completed work and identifying any construction deviations, site observations, or unresolved issues

Project Summary

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Key team members

Emily Hopps
Emily Hopps
Building Technology Division Head, Waltham
Peter Babaian
Peter Babaian
Building Technology Division Head, Chicago