Lynn, MA

Lynn Classical High School


Lynn Classical High School is a one- to three-story structure built on construction debris fill. Shortly after construction, staff observed water leakage and significant damage due to settlement of the structure. SGH investigated the causes of the issues.

Structural Phase. SGH investigated the causes of ongoing settlement of the slab-on-grade. In the first six years after construction, the slab settled up to 7 in. due to secondary consolidation of the construction debris stratum. The settlement resulted in significant damage to the first story, including a partially collapsed interior masonry wall, cracked and uneven slabs, broken utility lines, jammed doors, and malfunctioning mechanical and utility systems.

SGH evaluated the subsurface conditions, investigated the causes and rates of settlement, and predicted future settlement rates. We developed several repair options, including phasing repairs while keeping a portion of the building occupied.

We provided expert testimony throughout the mediation process. Following the investigation, SGH served as prime consultant, structural engineer-of-record, and geotechnical engineer-of-record for the design of slab-on-grade repairs and assisted the school with the bidding process.

Building Enclosure Phase. SGH investigated the causes of water infiltration and determined the exterior insulating finish systems (EIFS) suffered from leakage due to flashing problems, sealant failures, and application defects. We also noted that roof water draining over the EIFS caused staining. SGH designed building enclosure repairs and estimated construction costs. Our repair design included repairing EIFS and roofing, and reconstructing flashings for the masonry, windows, and HVAC louvers.

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Key team members

Aaron Lewis
Aaron Lewis
Structural Engineering Region Head, East
William Konicki
William Konicki
Senior Principal
Peter  Nelson
Peter Nelson
Senior Principal