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Louis at ArtPrize Eight


Each year, artists display their work throughout downtown Grand Rapids and compete for awards at ArtPrize. The art is displayed for nineteen days at venues chosen by the artists and judged by the public and a chosen jury. For ArtPrize Eight in 2016, DeWitt Godfrey created Louis, a three-dimensional, weathering steel sculpture. SGH consulted on the structural design for the sculpture’s temporary exhibit on Calder Plaza.

The sculpture is approximately 20 ft high and consists of 10 ga weathering steel coils bolted together to create a three-dimensional form that visitors can go in, around, or through. Highlights of our work include the following:

  • Worked with the three-dimensional, parametric geometry file in Rhino and its Grasshopper definition with a data interchange, including automated bolt locations, to our structural analysis software, allowing us to rapidly evaluate various iterations
  • Evaluated the structure’s overall strength and stability and recommended plate thickness and baseplate attachments to maintain overall structural behavior of this non-linear and highly deformable structure
  • Designed the bolted connections between the coils, considering wind and temperature loading
  • Provided stamped structural drawings, including loads imposed on the supporting plaza, and coordinated with the city’s engineer

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Paul Kassabian
Paul Kassabian