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Johns Hopkins University, Mattin Center


The Mattin Center, which consists of three buildings devoted to student activities and performing arts, suffered from water infiltration since opening 2001. The infiltration caused water leakage to the interior, efflorescence on brick masonry, loose masonry copings, and cracking of interior and exterior masonry. Johns Hopkins University (JHU) retained SGH to investigate the cause of the issues and design repairs.

Our investigation included a comprehensive visual inspection, water testing of the building walls and elevated terraces, and observations at exploratory openings to document concealed hidden conditions. SGH identified deficiencies at transitions between the terrace decks and rising masonry walls and at parapet masonry and waterproofing assemblies. We concluded that these deficiencies permitted water to penetrate the multi‑wythe masonry wall and contributed to widespread efflorescence and interior leakage.

SGH designed and provided construction administration services for repairs that were implemented on portions of the building to allow JHU to evaluate the appearance and effectiveness. The repairs included:

  • Repairs to waterproofing at terrace deck-to-rising masonry walls
  • Reconstruction of masonry parapets and other building elements adjacent to the building walls
  • Repairs to the plaza waterproofing and stair assembly drainage to promote water flow through the system

Our rehabilitation design helped JHU mitigate deterioration at the walls, copings, and stair assemblies, eliminate water infiltration within the repair areas, and extend the useful life of the complex until they were ready to replace it with a new building in the early 2020s.

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