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Glenstone Pavilions Expansion


Located on a 300-acre site, Glenstone integrates, art, architecture, and nature. The museum and grounds offer visitors an opportunity to view post-WWII and contemporary art in a serene and contemplative environment. With the Pavilions expansion project, Glenstone gains a new 170,000 sq ft museum, arrival gallery, and cafe building. Eleven partially buried galleries, connected by a subterranean link gallery, surround a central pond over below-grade spaces. SGH served as the owner’s building enclosure consultant for the new buildings and courtyard.

SGH consulted on the design of below-grade waterproofing, wall cladding and waterproofing, curtain walls, roofing, and skylights. Highlights of our work include:

  • Evaluating and helping design below-grade waterproofing for the primarily underground museum
  • Developing details to integrate the enclosure systems, including 30 ft tall curtain wall panels cantilevering above the roof level and serving as glass railings for landscaped roof terraces
  • Helping design waterproofing for a pond in the central courtyard and its transitions to gallery walls that extend above grade
  • Consulting on exterior wall cladding comprising 6 ft precast concrete blocks stacked in running bond
  • Evaluating thermal and air barrier performance of certain wall assemblies, including gallery walls with interior wood paneling and cantilevering curtain walls
  • Consulting on terrazzo flooring to minimize cracking and maximize joint spacing
  • Witnessing performance mockups for the precast cladding and curtain walls, and observing curtain wall, air barrier, and roofing field testing
  • Designing waterproofing for two feature artworks
  • Providing construction administration services, including reviewing submittals, visiting the site to observe ongoing work, and collaborating with the construction team to quickly resolve field challenges

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Nicholas Piteo
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Niklas Vigener
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