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Emma Willard School


The Emma Willard School is the nation’s oldest secondary school for girls. The main campus quadrangle is comprised of the original campus building, designed in the Tudor Gothic style and constructed in the early 1900s. The adjacent buildings were constructed at various times in a similar style. SGH performed a masonry condition assessment of the main campus buildings and recommended repairs.

SGH conducted a visual survey from grade, roofs, and lifts. We prioritized repairs and developed associated cost estimates. SGH designed immediate stabilization for one of the masonry towers, prepared construction documents to rebuild the deteriorated portions of the tower, and worked with the contractor to successfully complete the reconstruction.

We then assisted the school by completing a similar assessment of the exterior condition of six additional campus buildings and provided recommendations and cost estimates for repairs. The school used our findings as they developed a master plan for maintaining the campus.

After completing the condition assessments and immediate masonry stabilization, we prepared design documents and oversaw the partial reconstruction of two additional towers and the historic masonry-clad bridge on campus.

For the three load-bearing masonry towers, SGH designed repairs that included reconstruction of the towers above the roof levels. We detailed the reconstructed walls as cavity walls to better manage water and prevent future deterioration. Working closely with the masonry contractor, we developed flashing and roofing details that preserved the historic appearance without sacrificing functionality.

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Peter Babaian
Peter Babaian
Building Technology Division Head, Chicago