New York, NY

Brooklyn Bridge


The New York City Department of Transportation planned to rehabilitate the Brooklyn Bridge in time for the Brooklyn Bridge centennial.  The renovation procedures called for the strands of the main suspension cable to be geometrically reconfigured and spread apart at the anchorages to allow for inspection and replacement of corroded wires.  SGH was a consultant to the contractor that performed the work.

The scope of the project included repair and reinforcement of bridge floor truss members, replacement of all suspender cables, inspection, wire replacement, and rewrapping of the four main suspension cables, installation of new cable spreader frames at the anchorages for the main suspension cables, rehabilitation of the approach structures, and installation of new latex-modified concrete overlays. Highlights of SGH work include the following:

  • Advised the contractor on procedures for spreading apart the strands of the main suspension cable
  • Performed work on temporary and permanent hardware, while the bridge was in service
  • Designed sixteen catwalks suspended below the main suspension cable, which were used during suspender cable replacement and rewrapping of the main suspension cable
  • Consulted on structural problems during truss member rehabilitation and on overlay placement problems

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