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Storrow Drive Interchange/Tunnels


The Storrow Drive tunnels link traffic on Storrow Drive with Arlington and Berkeley Streets and carry 50,000 vehicles per day. The tunnels are buried structures constructed of reinforced concrete boat sections, concrete slab roofs, and slabs supported by wide flange steel beams spanning the roadway. Upon discovery of severe spalling of the overhead roof slab and corrosion of the supporting steel beams, the Commonwealth needed a detailed condition survey, structural review, and design of emergency and permanent repairs.

Highlights of SGH’s work on this project include the following:

  • Conducted bridge ratings of tunnel roofs, including use of coupon strength of steel removed from roof beam and results of instrumented load tests
  • Carried out emergency reconstruction of four expansion joints and construction of support columns for two roof beams in the Arlington tunnel
  • Performed detailed structural inspection and condition assessment, including surveying the tunnel concrete roof deck using ground penetrating radar, impact-echo, coring, and petrography
  • Analyzed the strength of the roof slabs, roof beams, walls, and invert slabs
  • Evaluated factor of safety for “float out” of the tunnels caused by hydrostatic uplift of high ground water
  • Developed several concepts for repair, traffic mitigation, landscape, lighting, and community communications plans, including budgets and cost estimates
  • Prepared contract documents and performed construction administration for $15 million Interim Repairs project

Project Summary



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Key team members

Paul Kelley
Paul Kelley
Senior Principal
Atis Liepins
Atis Liepins
Consulting Principal
Rosalind Imbaro
Rosalind Imbaro
Senior Project Manager