Boston, MA

Boston University, Tsai Performance Center


The Tsai Performance Center hosts concerts, theatrical and dance presentations, lectures, film programs, and conferences. Boston University wanted to upgrade an outdated sound system with new audio and network components. The upgrade involved suspending three new speaker arrays, each weighing more than 1,200 lbs, from portions of the existing building structure. SGH analyzed the existing roof and proscenium framing for the new speaker loads, designed structural improvements to the framing, and provided structural construction administration services for the new speaker installation.

SGH worked closely with the owner, acoustic consultant, contractor, and rigging vendor to provide the following services:

  • Investigated and documented existing conditions of the steel-framed roof and proscenium structures
  • Analyzed the existing roof and proscenium structures for new speaker loads, including dynamic effects caused by the motorized rigging equipment, and prepared a summary report
  • Coordinated with the rigging vendor to select rigging and suspension hardware
  • Designed structural modifications to strengthen a portion of the existing proscenium structure
  • Prepared structural drawings identifying rigging attachment locations on the existing structure
  • Assisted the contractor to address issues that arose during speaker and rigging installation

Project Summary



Completion Date
Repair & Rehabilitation
Culture & Entertainment | Education
Communications Design Associates, Inc.
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Repair & Strengthening

Key team members

Cory  Brett
Cory Brett
Senior Project Manger
Scott DiFiore
Scott DiFiore
Heavy Civil Division Head, Boston