Acton, MA

Acton-Boxborough Regional High School Pool


The natatorium was constructed in the early 1970s as an addition to the high school. The pool and deck are constructed of reinforced concrete and precast plank forms the ceiling. SGH evaluated the condition of the natatorium as part of a school improvement plan and subsequently designed repairs.

The building committee wanted to ensure that the natatorium would meet the requirements for the design life of the new school addition. SGH performed a review of the pool operations, a delamination and corrosion survey of the pool deck, and corrosion testing and chloride sampling of the precast concrete roof structure and cast-in-place concrete deck and pool walls.


Based on the results of the investigation, SGH developed repair options to address deterioration, chloride contamination, and leakage. We developed concrete repairs, including completely replacing the deck, locally repairing other concrete elements, and integrating a modern pool water circulation and collection system in the pool edge.


SGH provided construction administration services, including reviewing contractor submittals, observing repair work to compare with the design intent, and troubleshooting unforeseen field conditions.

Project Summary



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Repair & Rehabilitation
Structures | Applied Science & Research
Design Partnership of Cambridge
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Repair & Strengthening | Materials Science | Microscopy

Key team members

Paul Kelley
Paul Kelley
Senior Principal
Matthew Sherman
Matthew Sherman
Senior Principal