Boston, MA

75 State Street


The use of gold leaf in Boston dates back nearly 300 years. This material, however, was untried and unproven on a large scale for modern buildings in Boston until the construction of 75 State Street in the late 1980s. The design featured approximately 5,000 sq ft of gold leaf on thin granite veneer wall panels and depended on a durable installation of gold leaf. SGH evaluated the technology and its applicability to the granite for this thirty-one story building.

SGH’s work for this project included the following:

  • Review of gold leaf application and existing gilding techniques
  • Laboratory testing to evaluate the effects of long-term weathering and thermal moisture cycling of gold leaf on the granite substrate
  • Development of procedures for gilding, substrate preparation, handling, and in-service treatment (e.g., protection from window washing rig rollers)
  • Post-construction development of a five-part facade maintenance program to guide inspections, upkeep, and repairs

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