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4646 Broadway Lofts


Completed in 2007, 4646 Broadway Lofts is a twelve-story condominium building. Shortly after construction, occupants reported water leakage, condensation on window frames and glazing, and areas of uncomfortably warm or cool temperatures in some condominiums. SGH investigated the issues and developed repair concepts to address problems with the enclosure and mechanical systems.

SGH evaluated the exterior wall assembly comprising aluminum-framed glass curtain wall with metal spandrel panels to identify thermal and water penetration performance issues. Highlights of our work include the following:

  • Performed diagnostic water testing and infrared thermography to identify thermal anomalies in the enclosure
  • Completed computational analysis to estimate thermal performance
  • Evaluated remedial options to mitigate condensation on window frames, including heat trace, mechanical ventilation, and mechanical dehumidification

We also assessed the capacity of the building’s mechanical system, including fan-coil units serving individual residences to maintain interior temperatures and control humidity. Highlights of our work include the following:

  • Reviewed project documentation to gather information about the mechanical units and the existing space configuration
  • Visited the site to measure air flow from supply diffusers
  • Evaluated the in-service cooling capacity of fan-coil units and performed cooling- and heating-load calculations (using a building energy model) to determine whether the units are adequate to meet the peak demands
  • Determined the mechanical system was generally adequate for the given loads, but distribution and moisture control modifications were needed

SGH proposed modifications to the mechanical system to introduce mechanical ventilation, which also helped remedy both condensation on the window frames and localized temperature issues.

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Bradford Carpenter
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