September 11 2001, Airliner Crash into the Pentagon

August 30, 2005
Publication: Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities - ASCE v 19 n 3 p 189-196
Author(s): Donald Dusenberry Mlakar, P.F. Harris, J.R. Haynes G.A. Phan, L.T. Sozen, M.A.

Abstract: The Pentagon was constructed between September 1941 and January 1943. A substantial renovation of the entire 6.6 million sq ft (610,000 sq m) facility began in 1999 and was scheduled for completion in 2010. On September 11, 2001, a hijacked commercial airliner crashed into the building. One-hundred eighty-nine persons were killed and a portion of the building was damaged by the associated impact, deflagration, and fire.

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