Providing Durable and Reliable Soldered Joints in Sheet Metal: Sweating the Small Stuff, Part Two

March 3, 2015
Publication: Building Envelope Magazine
Author(s): Joseph Rogers Keith Nelson David Slick

Joseph D. Rogers, Keith B. Nelson, and David S. Slick published the second part of a two-part article in the winter 2015 issue of Building Envelope Magazine (formerly called ARW).  The article is titled, “Providing Durable and Reliable Soldered Joints in Sheet Metal:  Sweating the Small Stuff, Part Two,” and is a continuation of their article published in the fall issue.  Part One focused on material selection and quality control measures to improve the quality of soldered architectural sheet metal joints and minimize vulnerability to failure.  In Part Two, the authors discuss the procedure and quality control measures for joint preparation and soldering techniques. 

Keywords: Metal