Proliferation of Structural Fire Engineering Draws Closer with Recent SFPE and ASCE/SEI Milestones

October 6, 2015
Publication: Fire Protection Engineering
Author(s): Kevin LaMalva

The application of structural fire engineering for building projects has merit and enormous potential, but remains relatively limited. This can be attributed to the fact that designers and building authorities generally lack comprehensive, industry-consensus guidance for practicing and evaluating structural fire engineering. However, this emerging field is fast approaching a “renaissance period” with recent and prospective releases of industry-consensus standards that help to consolidate the current knowledge database. These standards provide guidance on the evaluation of fuel loads, fire exposure, thermal response of structures, and structural system response to fire effects. Most recently, the SFPE has published a standard that governs the evaluation of thermal response of structures entitled SFPE S.02 2015: Standard on Calculation Methods to Predict the Thermal Performance of Structural and Fire Resistive Assemblies. This article discusses how the SFPE S.02 standard and other integral standards will serve to cultivate the proliferation of structural fire engineering in the building industry.

Services: Structural Design