Investigation of Collapse of Wood-framed Warehouse during Construction

November 29, 2009
Publication: Forensic Engineering 2009: Pathology of the Built Environment - Proceedings of the Fifth Congress on Forensic Engineering, Nov 11-14, 2009, ASCE p 487-496

Temporary stability bracing is required to hold wood trusses true to line and dimensions, plumb, and in a stable condition until permanent truss bracing and other permanent components necessary for the overall stability of the structure are completed. Industry guidelines provide prescriptive recommendations for temporary bracing of metal plate connected wood trusses to inform truss installers, contractors, and builders of record about handling and stability considerations for wood trusses. This paper presents a case study involving the collapse of an 11,000 sf wood-framed warehouse during construction and includes the procedures used to investigate the technical and procedural causes of the collapse along with an overview of industry guidelines for temporary bracing of wood trusses during construction.