Integrated Design Building at UMASS Amherst: A large scale CLT building case study

April 6, 2017
Publication: Structures Congress 2017

 The Integrated Design Building (IDB) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst will be the first, large-scale, mass timber building in the Northeastern U.S. when completed. At four stories and 87,000 sf, the building will provide offices, laboratories, lecture rooms and studios for the University’s Building Construction Technology and Architecture programs. IDB will serve as a working demonstration of sustainable building construction with an engineered timber structural system, a green roof plaza, and high-efficiency mechanical systems. In order to maintain traditional column spacing and meet serviceability requirements, the design incorporated composite wood-concrete construction for the cross-laminate timber (CLT) decks and glulam beams. The lateral resisting system incorporated a combination of CLT shear walls and glulam chevron bracing designed for wind and seismic forces. To date, IDB is the largest application of wood-concrete composite technology in North America. The presentation will provide an overview of the structural systems including composite concrete-wood connectors, CLT floor and roof decks, heavy glulam timber beams and braces, CLT shear walls and special wood-steel epoxy connections employed as shear wall hold-down anchors. We will also review provisions made to insure state and international building code compliance as well as building code mandated special testing and inspection programs to track quality assurance of the unique, shop-fabricated components.

Services: Structural Design