Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Older, Circular Prestressed Concrete Tanks

November 29, 2004
Publication: Journal AWWA v 96 n 11 p 28-36
Author(s): Michael Brainerd Sagan, Vincent E.

Abstract: The identification and rehabilitation of circular prestressed concrete tanks to increase their service lives by implementing tested standards such as ANSI/AWWA D110 and ACI 372 is discussed. A prestressed concrete tank is mainly a concrete cylinder with a thin wall wrapped with prestressed wire and covered with shotcrete. AWWA's ANSI/AWWA D110-95 defines four types of prestressed concrete tank corewalls: cast-in-place concrete with vertical prestressed reinforcement, shotcrete with steel diaphragm, cast-in-place concrete with a steel diaphragm, and cast-in-place concrete with a steel diaphragm. Common types of deterioration and distress include corrosion, cracks, freeze-thaw durability, and aggregate durability.

Markets: Water/Wastewater