Design and Construction of Foundation Systems

November 19, 2014
Publication: 2014 SEAONC Fall Seminar

On Wednesday, 19 November 2014, SGH’s Stephen K. Harris  and Kenneth A. Klein  presented at the 2014 SEAONC (Structural Engineers Association of Northern California) Fall Seminar titled “Design and Construction of Foundation Systems.”  The two-day seminar covered the state of the art practices regarding the design and construction of foundation systems.  Presentations addressed practical considerations in the selection of foundation systems as well as analysis, design, detailing, and construction approaches. 

Steve Harris presented on deep foundation systems, drawing from his extensive background in pile design.  He also discussed some of the new requirements that are coming in the next code cycle, in particular, in soils with high liquefaction potential.

Ken Klein provided a unique opportunity for the gathered structural engineers, providing suggestions on how the Building Technology and Structural Engineering worlds can collaborate to improve the overall performance of buildings below grade.  The follow-up conversation regarding the effect of waterproofing membranes on building seismic performance presented opportunities for future testing in collaboration between the two groups.