Casing the Joint: Cutting Corners with Stucco Trim Without Waterproofing Flashing

November 29, 2012
Publication: Forensic Engineering 2012: Gateway to a Safer Tomorrow - Proceedings of the Sixth Congress on Forensic Engineering, Oct 31 - Nov 3, 2012, ASCE
Author(s): Robert Bateman Rene Luft

Abstract: This paper outlines problems with the current practice of designing and constructing stucco framed buildings. The where and why stucco wall assembly failures occur with today's standard stucco trim products is explained and illustrated using the casing bead as an example. The paper includes illustrations of the typical details using a casing bead around wall penetrations which are inadequate and lead to water intrusion. What designers and builders should know is illustrated with recommendations for independent flashings with a secondary function as stucco screeds. And included are recommendations and details to permit the use of casing beads as stucco screeds, as well as, effective flashings. The paper reviews and critiques the responsible parties, products and relevant industry standards regarding waterproofing stucco buildings. The few available sources for relevant and valuable guidance are identified to improve building performance.