Architect's Guide to Structures: Special Structural Topics

January 8, 2018
Publication: Routledge
Author(s): Kevin LaMalva

To help architects manage growing complexities and partner with project teams, a recent series of practical guidebooks look to outline structural engineering principles in a practical and comprehensive way. Issued by academic publisher Routledge, the Architect’s Guidebook to Structures series covers a wide range of principles beginning with the basics of structural systems and building up to complex design considerations. 

Kevin LaMalva contributed a chapter on structural fire protection to the latest book in the series, Special Structural Topics, which covers design for blast, fire effects, vibrations, sustainability, and other special considerations. The chapter begins by exploring the reasons why we insulate structures and the effects of fire on those structures. From there, it examines the two sanctioned structural fire protection design options (standard fire resistance design and structural fire engineering) and takes a glimpse into the future of structural fire protection.

Kevin also authored an article on this topic in the latest issue of the IStructE magazine The Structural Engineer, “Developments in structural fire protection design – a US perspective.

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