Approximation for seismic analysis of not-flat-bottom axisymmetric tanks

April 29, 2008
Publication: Crossing Borders: Proceedings of the 2008 Structures Congress. April 24-26, 2008, Vancouver, BC, Canada, ASCE
Author(s): Atis Liepins Gunjeet Juneja

Our proposal that some of the parameters of the two-mass model for a not-flat-bottom tank may be approximated with sufficient accuracy for use in design by an equivalent cylindrical tank with a flat bottom with the same volume and free surface area as the not-flat-bottom tank is supported by its application to the determination of 1. the sloshing mass and frequency of liquids in spherical tanks, 2. the impulsive mass and its location above the bottom (for calculating moment exclusive of base pressure) of four large tanks with not-flat bottoms.

Services: Structural Design