Recommendations for Berthing Velocity in PIANC WG 211

September 22, 2022

With the preparation and development of PIANC WG 211, it is evident that clear design recommendations for vessel berthing velocities need to be derived, since this is one of the most critical parameters in fender-system design. This paper discusses recommendations on how to determine the characteristic berthing velocities for the design of fenders systems, with and without the use of field observations. Furthermore, the proposed characteristic berthing velocities have been compared with the guidelines of PIANC WG 33, PIANC WG 145, the German EAU 2012, and the Spanish ROM. Based on the findings of these investigations, some historically embedded hypotheses will need to be reconsidered. The key findings of this study are considered useful for the design of fender systems for new berthing facilities and for the assessment of existing marine structures.

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