Eight Strategies for Successful Building Enclosure Commissioning

November 17, 2014
Eight Strategies for Successful Building Enclosure Commissioning

This article will review the current Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) standards and perceptions of the BECx process, outline the specific quality assurance/quality control provisions it embodies, and discuss how selecting a suitable scope of BECx work can add value to projects and deliver building performance that meets expectations. BECx is not a new concept, but the term has recently gained popularity in the design and construction communities. Several industry standards and guidelines continue to be developed and revised in an effort to lead project teams through the commissioning process, but the industry has yet to come to terms with its purpose, arrive at a consensus on the process and its implementation, or differentiate it from building enclosure consulting. This confusion has led to a process that is not fully leveraged. The BECx process, however, if implemented properly, can be very valuable: it improves quality, controls risk, and reduces costly changes and delays during construction.

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