Cyclic Performance of Steel Sheet Connections for CFS framed Steel Sheet Sheathed Shear Walls

October 20, 2020
Cyclic Performance of Steel Sheet Connections for CFS framed Steel Sheet Sheathed Shear Walls

The main objective of this research is to study fastener-level force-deformation response appropriate for standard cold-formed steel (CFS) framed steel sheet sheathed shear walls under cyclic loads. Recently completed CFS-framed shear wall tests employing thin steel sheets screw-fastened to thicker CFS-framing have recorded higher capacity and ductility for the CFS-framed steel sheet sheathed shear walls. For the seismic performance of these shear walls, the cyclic nonlinear response of the fastener connection is especially important and should incorporate the impact of shear buckling of the steel sheet on the strength and ductility of the connection. Minimal cyclic fastener-level shear test data exists, especially for combinations of screw fastened thin steel sheet and thick framing steel. To address this, a unique lap shear test following AISI S905 was designed to elucidate and characterize the cyclic fastener behavior. The specimens were loaded with an asymmetric cyclic loading protocol which intentionally buckles the sheet in the compression direction, and progressively increases in the tension direction. A total of 93 tests demonstrating a wide range of framing thickness, sheet thickness, fastener size, and loading types were conducted. Key experimental statistics, including the characterization with a multi-linear backbone curve, are provided. Fastener connection strength is sensitive to whether the thin steel sheet ply is buckling away from or towards the fastener head in some test series. AISI S100-16 screw shear strength provisions performance is evaluated. The work is aimed at providing critical missing information for CFS-framed steel sheet sheathed shear walls for use in both simulation and design.

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