As infrastructure ages and budgets are stretched, the effective prioritization and execution of rehabilitation work is critical. Some of the most crucial components of transportation infrastructure are the bridges that connect major and minor transportation routes.  Bridges are frequently exposed to more severe conditions than most other infrastructure and are typically asked to extend their useful life beyond what they were originally designed to do. Poorly conceived or executed rehabilitation programs can lead to unmitigated deterioration, significant delays with the rehabilitation process, and, in some cases, reduced service life.


SGH works with clients to develop efficient inspection and maintenance programs and long-lasting rehabilitation designs for all bridge types. Our multi-phased approach and ability to work within the parameters of a client’s risk tolerance and budget provide the most appropriate and effective solution.

A successful SGH inspection and rehabilitation program maximizes the service life of a bridge and utilizes as much of the existing structure or system, as is feasible. Our approach includes:

  • Investigation. Thorough and repeatable investigation methods and broad analysis and testing capabilities allow us to explore a wide range of issues
  • Options planning and analysis. Prioritize issues based on our understanding of bridge structure and technology practices to develop repair options that reflect a range of costs and levels of risk mitigation
  • Repair documents. Comprehensive, well-communicated, and highly detailed documents based on the agreed repair program and our knowledge of effective and economical details and techniques