Weighty Matters: An Overview of in situ load testing

April 6, 2015
Publication: Construction Specifier
Author(s): Filippo Masetti Milan Vatovec Antonio De Luca

Filippo Masetti, Antonio De Luca, and Milan Vatovec published an article title, “Weighty Matters:  An Overview of in situ load testing,” in the April issue of Construction Specifier Magazine.  The article gives a historical overview of the load testing practice, insight into when load testing is most useful, and recommendations regarding selection of load testing approach and methodology.

In-situ load testing is a powerful tool to assess the performance of structures with respect to their ability to carry code-prescribed loads; it is used to verify the rating of proprietary systems, structures undergoing change of occupancy, deteriorated structures, and the expected performance of retrofit, repair, and strengthening applications. This article provides a historical review of the practice, a description of the state-of-the art protocols and methods for load testing and their rationale, a review of several building codes and standards, as well as lessons-learned from a number of case-study examples.

Services: Structural Design