Ron Hamburger Collaborates on Report on the 2012 ICC Code Development Hearings, Published in STRUCTURE magazine’s January Issue of NCSEA News

January 30, 2010
Publication: STRUCTURE Magazine
Author(s): Ronald Hamburger

In the January 2010 issue of NCSEA News, STRUCTURE magazine recently published the “Report on the 2012 ICC Code Development Hearings,” an article in which SGH's Ron Hamburger was cited as providing input on the content.

Written by NCSEA Code Advisory Committee (CAC) General Engineering Subcommittee Chair Ed Huston, Hamburger, who is CAC Committee Chair, along with Seismic Provisions Subcommittee Chair Kevin Moore and Existing Buildings Subcommittee Chair David Bonowitz all provided input for the article.

The article states that while most will soon be using the 2009 IBC, the code change is “already underway for the next version of the I-Codes, to be published in early 2012.”

The article then goes on to explain some of the changes and updates involved with the 2012 IBC.

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