Repair of Concrete Pressure Pipes with CFRP Composites

May 30, 2010
Publication: Structures Congress 2010, Proceedings Of The 2010 Structures Congress, May 12-15, 2010, Orlando, Florida, ASCE p 1874-1884
Author(s): Zarghamee, Mehdi S. Engindeniz, Murat Erbay, Omer O. Ojdrovic, Rasko P.

Abstract: This paper proposes a design framework for CFRP liners for concrete pressure pipes with different levels of degradation in an attempt to form the basis of a design standard. Design approach considers non-degraded, degraded, and severely degraded pipes where the effects of loads on the CFRP liner may be different due to pipe flexibility, initial imperfections in geometry, and quality of bond to host pipe. Loads and limit states that govern the design are defined. A detailed nonlinear finite element analysis is presented to demonstrate the determination of loads on the pipe. The requirements for qualification of materials and contractor, and importance of quality control during and after construction are highlighted based on experience gained in design, construction, and inspection of CFRP liners.

Markets: Water/Wastewater