Pulling Together

October 30, 2006
Publication: Modern Steel Construction v 46 n 10 p 36-38

Abstract: The importance of collaboration and teamwork between the architecture and engineer for successful building projects are discussed. This proved true when the engineering firm Simpson Gumpertz and Heger (SGH) worked closely Jeff Peterson, of Peterson Architects, to design, detail and deliver a new boathouse along the Malden River. A tight budget and construction schedule, as with many projects, required a well-coordinated team with early involvement from the structural engineer. Given the budget, schedule and architectural ambition, SGH recommended a system of composite structural steel floor framing, structural steel roof framing and a lateral load resisting system. The lateral system consisted of ordinary concentrically braced frames in the exterior walls of the structure, concentrically braced frames provided the required strength and stiffness and material economy. The structural steel framing system was analyzed using RAM Structural System for gravity and lateral load analysis.

Services: Structural Design
Keywords: Metal-Steel