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Super Bowl Structures

Various Locations, United States

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Every year, the big game requires a variety of exterior graphics and installations to transform the host venue into the Super Bowl venue.  Working with the event coordinators, SGH evaluated the structural design for several large displays used in Super Bowls XLVIII and XLIX. 

Scope | Solutions

Our work included the analysis of aluminum-framed structures and the design of structural strengthening of existing components, as required to meet the requirements of the governing code.  We also designed concrete and steel ballast to ensure that the pieces would not slide or overturn under wind loads.  Highlights of the projects are noted below.

  • Super Bowl XLVIII, George Washington Bridge Display (not installed)
    • Design of banner rigging and temporary light trusses
    • Design of custom connections to avoid damage to bridge steel and finishes
    • Evaluation of potential for ice formation on banner
  • Super Bowl XLVIII, Legacy Trophy outside MetLife Stadium (upper right)
    • Design of 35 ft tall aluminum truss structure
    • Design of steel ballast at base of structure
  • Super Bowl XLVIII, Football outside MetLife Stadium (middle right)
    • Design of 20 ft x 12 ft aluminum-framed sculpture
    • Creation of a “high wind action plan” for monitoring wind speeds and removing fabric above threshold wind speeds
  • Super Bowl XLVIII, Plaza Light Truss outside MetLife Stadium (bottom right)
    • Design of 15 ft tall aluminum light truss at Super Bowl fan plaza
    • Design of concrete ballast and anchorage details
  • Super Bowl XLIX, Roman Numerals Installation in Phoenix, AZ (upper left)
    • Design of 40 ft tall aluminum -framed roman numerals
    • Design of steel plate ballast and anchorage details

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