Rafi Cricket Stadium

Bahria Town Karachi, Pakistan


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Rafi Cricket Stadium Pakistan
Rafi Cricket Stadium Pakistan

Located within the planned community of Bahria Town Karachi, Bahria Sports City will offer its residents numerous sport and fitness facilities. One of the city’s features will be a new cricket stadium. With 25,000 seats, the Rafi Cricket Stadium will be one of the largest in Pakistan, making it well-positioned to host international tournaments. SGH consulted on the precast concrete and structural design for the stadium.

Scope | Solutions

The construction team determined they could construct the stadium quicker using precast concrete than they could with cast-in-place concrete. To further increase their efficiency, they decided to construct a precast plant near the stadium site, allowing them to produce the concrete components locally and avoid time lost to transport.

SGH worked with a local structural engineering firm in Pakistan to design the precast concrete components for the bleacher seating, concourse, and interior areas. Highlights of our work include the following:

  • Designed precast concrete columns, concourse elements, raker beams, bleacher elements, and their connections

  • Performed gravity, lateral, and thermal analyses and collaborated with the project team to locate expansion joints

  • Prepared preliminary framing plans, elevations, and associated sections and connection details for the precast concrete structure and reviewed the final construction documents prepared by the local engineer

  • Worked closely with the international design team to coordinate the precast concrete design with the structural and foundation design, including the cast-in-place concrete piles

  • Designed drilled shafts, reviewed proposed load test procedures and advised on testing requirements, and consulted on other geotechnical requirements

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