Logan International Airport Terminal E

Boston, MA

Market: Airport


Logan International Airport Terminal E
Logan International Airport Terminal E
Logan International Airport Terminal E

The Terminal E Ticketing Concourse is an open space approximately 75 ft wide and 625 ft long.  The floor structure is a lightweight slab on composite metal decking and includes a concrete overlay with an epoxy terrazzo floor surface.  After the contractor placed the 4 in. thick overlay, they observed lifted slab edges, cracks, and hollow-sounding areas in some locations.  The contractor retained SGH to investigate the problem and provide repair options.

Scope | Solutions

Highlights of SGH’s work include the following:

  • Evaluated the causes of the overlay problems using a fault tree analysis
  • Recommended removal and replacement of the overlay due to the potential for reflective cracking of the terrazzo at the edges of repair areas
  • Designed and specified the demolition of the original overlay and repair of demolition damage in the structural slab
  • Designed the replacement overlay with special reinforcement details and a shrinkage-reducing admixture to avoid a recurrence of the problem
  • Developed procedure briefs to assist the contractor with repairs of surface chips, shallow delaminations, and moderate and large size spalls in the structural slab. 
  • Visited the job site to identify spall areas in need of repair, to observe work progress, to evaluate conformance with repair procedures, and to resolve anomalous conditions 

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