FloDesign Wind Turbine

Winthrop, MA


FloDesign Wind Turbine
FloDesign Wind Turbine
FloDesign Wind Turbine

The FloDesign Mixer/Ejector Wind Turbine prototype is a wind turbine with a unique shroud structure consisting of a fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) skin supported on a steel skeleton.  The shroud is connected to the top of the tower at a central steel platform that also supports the generator and control equipment.  SGH was responsible for the design and analysis of the wind turbine.  In particular, we designed the FRP shroud, the internal steel support structure, parts of mechanical components, the tower, and the foundation.  We also oversaw fabrication, assembly, and erection of the turbine. 

Scope | Solutions

Highlights of SGH’s work on the project include the following:

  • Design of the FRP shroud, including post-buckling behavior
  • Nonlinear static and dynamic finite element analysis of the turbine structure and tower with random vibration analysis for high-cycle fatigue under turbulent wind loads
  • Design of azimuth gear and bearings and of slow pin
  • Value engineering of tower to faceted shape
  • Code compliance evaluation considering domestic and international (IEC) codes
  • Structural analysis of tolerances and design of connections of FRP shroud to the steel frame
  • Structural analysis, design, detailing, and laboratory testing of FRP skin and riveted connections
  • Geotechnical assessment of subsurface conditions to evaluate foundation type
  • Design of drilled shaft foundations for turbine and slab-on-grade for equipment building on non-frost susceptible subgrade
  • Field observation of the tower erection and foundation construction, including troubleshooting to address issues during construction
  • Lifting analysis and construction sequencing of turbine components

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