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Digital Airport Surveillance Radar

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Digital Airport Surveillance Radar
Digital Airport Surveillance Radar
Digital Airport Surveillance Radar

Raytheon develops radar sites around the world for U.S. government agencies, including the Department of Defense and Federal Aviation Administration. SGH provides engineering services to design site-specific foundations for 87 ft tall radar towers and ancillary equipment buildings installed at the sites. We have developed foundation solutions for sites throughout the U.S. and in Asia, Europe, and Greenland.

Scope | Solutions

The radar tower is supported on spread footings where the subsurface can adequately support them. Where site conditions are more complicated, SGH interfaces with the geotechnical engineer, evaluates subsurface conditions and design considerations, and designs site-specific foundations. Site-specific considerations include subsurface conditions, access, local codes, and other factors. We have designed systems to address subsurface challenges associated with sinkholes in limestone, liquefaction in submerged sands, swell potential from expansive soils, excavation of contaminated soils, permafrost conditions, and more.

Site procurement and local construction limitations often dictate different types of materials. SGH interfaces with contractors and engineers in the U.S. and abroad to understand site-specific concerns and develop solutions. We have designed foundations incorporating driven piles, drilled shafts, mat foundations, micropiles, and precast post-tensioned concrete segmental systems to address the wide range of site-specific conditions.

At several sites, SGH also provided additional services, including designing superstructures, building enclosures, and fireproofing, and construction administration support to develop solutions to address out-of-tolerance elements and material strengths.

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