Photo by Bruce Damonte

Crocker Art Museum

Sacramento, CA

Market: Cultural




2011 Project of the Year, Sacramento Business Journal
Crocker Art Museum Sacramento

Photo by Bruce Damonte

Crocker Art Museum Sacramento

Photo by Bruce Damonte

With 125,000 sq ft, the Teel Family Pavilion at the Crocker Art Museum triples the space of the original 1869 Crocker family mansion.  To maintain appropriate air and moisture levels for the art, the pavilion required an airtight and watertight building enclosure. SGH consulted on the building enclosure design.


Scope | Solutions


Highlights of our work for this project include the following:

  • Evaluated designs for the cladding, including approximately 4,000 white aluminum panels, 4,500 preweathered zinc panels, and a 22 ft tall by 105 ft long curtain wall

  • Reviewed the installation plan for the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) roof membrane

  • Helped develop waterproofing details for the walls and roof

  • Investigated attachment of the cladding to the structure

  • Vetted the performance of a vapor-permeable air barrier behind the wall cladding and provided detailing recommendations to incorporate redundancy into assembly

  • Observed construction and testing of a full-scale onsite mockup, including waterproofing at typical wall penetrations, to compare with performance expectations.

  • Assisted the contractor in developing a testing program and modifying details to improve performance

  • Observed ongoing construction and field testing to compare with the design intent

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