Columbia Street Parking Garage

Bangor, ME

Market: Parking



The owner of the Columbia Street Parking Garage needed a cost-effective design to replace the deteriorated precast concrete structure.  SGH was the prime consultant, structural engineer, functional designer and precast concrete specialty engineer for the new structure.

Scope | Solutions

The existing parking garage contained eighty-three parking spaces totaling 36,000 sq ft.  The new parking structure replaces the deteriorated garage and coordinates drainage profiles and connections with the adjacent building.  Since replacing the cast-in-place concrete foundations was cost- and schedule prohibitive, our design utilized the existing piers to support new precast concrete columns and the existing retaining walls to support new precast concrete double-tees.

Our work included structural engineering; functional design; and preparation of project base plans, structural floor plans, and pavement striping plan;  coordination of architectural, structural, and MEP/FP engineering; and construction administration services, including processing and coordination of requests for information, distribution of shop drawing submittals, and attending bi-weekly project meetings.  

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