Cheyenne Water Distribution System

Cheyenne, WY


Cheyenne Water Distribution System
Cheyenne Water Distribution System
Cheyenne Water Distribution System

The water distribution system in Cheyenne includes four prestressed concrete cylinder pipelines (PCCP), approximately 13.5 mi long. The 16 to 30 in. dia., lined-cylinder pipes (LCP) were installed between 1950 and 1962. Three of the PCCP carry raw and treated water, and the fourth is a part of the distribution system. SGH assessed the condition of all four lines while they remained in service.

Scope | Solutions

Highlights of SGH's work include the following:

  • Data collection and review of historical records
  • Corrosion survey including electromagnetic conductivity testing
  • Geotechnical and groundwater investigations
  • External test-pit inspection of pipe
  • Testing of mortar coating and prestressing wire samples
  • Hydraulic transient analysis
  • Structural evaluation of LCP
  • Failure risk analysis of pipe assuming broken prestressing wires and corroded steel cylinder

We found that the lines had performed well, and there were no systematic factors that presented a significant risk of future failure.

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