160 East Elgin Street
160 East Elgin Street
160 East Elgin Street

The owner of 160 East Elgin Street wanted to revitalize the streetscape at their twenty-eight-story tower by creating a striking front entryway. The renovation includes a curved and insulated structural glass wall, which is approximately 35 ft tall and cantilevers up an additional 10 ft as a guardrail for a terrace above. SGH served as the specialty glass consultant to the structural engineer for the curved glass wall design. 

Scope | Solutions

Highlights of SGH’s work for this project include the following:

  • Evaluated manufacturing options, including cold bending, laminate bending, and warm bending, for the curved insulated glass

  • Consulted on low-e coatings, acid etching, and frit applications

  • Reviewed concepts for gravity and lateral supports, including spider point connections, sill plates within the horizontal sealant joints, and lateral toggle connections

  • Performed finite element analyses of a full-height glass wall to determine the glass wall thickness

  • Designed the curved glass panels, sill plate and lateral toggle connections, and the structural glass fins

  • Analyzed the gradient temperature effects on the glass wall and connections

  • Developed a physical testing program to evaluate strength, serviceability, and water tightness of mockups comprising curved, insulated glass panels and their connections