135 Franklin Street Stoneham MA
135 Franklin Street Stoneham MA
135 Franklin Street Stoneham MA

The five-story building at 135 Franklin Street experienced damage due to settlement. Over the years, the owner undertook repairs at the elevator pit and central corridors and needed to address problems at a basement condominium. SGH investigated the cause of the issues and designed repairs.


Scope | Solutions


SGH investigated settlement at the concrete building founded on pile-supported grade beams around the building perimeter and at certain interior walls. Highlights of our work include the following:


  • Investigated the cause of the settlement using test borings and a test pit through the basement level slab, which is supported by soil subgrade and grade beams

  • Researched pertinent drawings and construction records at Town Hall

  • Developed remedial concepts and prepared cost estimates for the owner’s consideration

  • Designed a replacement slab capable of accommodating future settlement

  • Performed construction administration services, including reviewing contractor submittals and requests for information, observing ongoing construction, and helping resolve field issues

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