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Water Research Foundation, Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe Condition Assessment


Prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) has been used for water transmission systems for many years. Utilities need effective means to identify distressed or deteriorated pipe, estimate levels of distress, analyze failure risks, and verify findings in order to effectively repair or replace these pipes before they rupture and disrupt operations. SGH received a grant from the Water Research Foundation to evaluate existing and developing technologies and to synthesize findings into a Best Practices Manual for utilities.

The objectives of the Best Practices Manual included the following:

  • Serve as a manual for condition assessment, monitoring, and remaining service life/failure margin analysis of PCCP
  • Provide an overview of available technologies and assistance to utilities in identifying the most appropriate technologies for their system
  • Provide an understanding of the limits of applicability of the available technologies and trends in future developments in PCCP condition assessment and determination of failure margin and repair priority

SGH’s research to support Water Research Foundation’s goal of achieving these objectives included the following:

  • Performed a literature review integrating published experiences and existing technologies for PCCP condition assessment and monitoring
  • Developed an industry survey and compilation of responses from water utilities, technology stakeholders, and consultants
  • Organized a workshop for industry representatives to discuss experiences and needs
  • Evaluated existing technologies
  • Synthesized findings into a Best Practices Manual for utilities

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Rasko Ojdrovic
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