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The Marcia & John Price Museum Building at the University of Utah was a collaborative, design-build effort between Prescott Muir Architects, VBFA Inc., and Layton Construction Co., Inc.  In collaboration with the original project team, SGH investigated the causes of recurring efflorescence and icicle formation at parapets, condensation at windows, and inadequate mechanical system performance at the brick-clad museum.

SGH evaluated the existing envelope assemblies and mechanical system performance at the 74,000 sq ft building.  We determined an ineffective air barrier assembly contributed to efflorescence and icicle formation, the mechanical system did not optimally control interior humidity, and the non-thermally broken window frames condensed water.

Working with the project team, SGH developed a cost-effective repair program that allowed the existing exterior veneer and glazing to remain in place.  Our strategy met the museum’s budget goals and their desired exhibit schedule.  Highlights of our work include the following:

  • Coordinating with the Executive Director and Curator to plan testing and repairs, considering preservation of artifacts and exhibition schedule
  • Analyzing building airtightness with whole building fan pressurization testing and infrared thermography
  • Designing interior-installed continuous air barrier from grade to roof parapet without requiring removal of exterior brick veneer
  • Recommending pretreatment of outside air and modifications to the mechanical system supply ducting
  • Designing a heat trace system to mitigate window condensation

This project was completed in collaboration with the University of Utah (owner), Prescott Muir Architects (architect), Van Boerum & Frank Associates Inc. (mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineer), BNA Consulting (electrical engineer), and Layton Construction Co., Inc. (contractor).

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Vince Cammalleri
Vince Cammalleri
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Christopher Decareau