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Trinity Stadium (formerly Haverhill Stadium) opened in 1916 and has a rich history from its grandstand construction overseen by President Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration to hosting of legendary sports greats, such as Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. After years of use and exposure, the stadium was deteriorating and needed repair. SGH assessed the condition of the 1930s grandstand and designed a rehabilitation program for the concrete structures as part of a major stadium renovation.

SGH investigated the condition of the concrete grandstand, documented existing distress, performed nondestructive testing, and collected extracted cores for examination in our laboratory. We identified concrete deterioration caused by cyclic freezing and thawing, corrosion of embedded reinforcing steel, and reactive aggregates. Despite the extensive damage, we concluded the grandstand could be effectively repaired while retaining its historic character and much of the original material.

Following our investigation, we worked with the City of Haverhill to implement a phased approach for repairing and modernizing the facility while meeting budget constraints. SGH prepared construction documents for concrete repairs and protection of the grandstand structure in conjunction with access and safety upgrades. The city opted to first upgrade the playing surfaces with artificial turf, install new lighting, and repair the first two of the six sections of the grandstand. Once they obtained additional funding, the city oversaw the complete rehabilitation of the grandstand.

SGH provided construction phase services, including reviewing contractor submittals and payment applications, observing ongoing construction, and providing on-site contractor support during the concrete repair and new construction portions of the project.

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