Washington, DC

The Treasury Building


The United States Treasury Building, including the North Court, was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1972. Since its construction in the 1860s, the North Court has been modified many times, including an upper vault added on top of the main vault structure in 1933 and a mechanical penthouse added sometime after that. The Department of the Treasury wanted to replace the North Court roofing, including that on the main vault, the upper vault roof, and the penthouse. Working with DRM International, SGH designed a roofing replacement for this iconic government building.

Our condition assessment included visually surveying the roofs and drain configuration, and making observations at exploratory openings to document the roof construction.

We designed new roofing systems for the three levels and developed details to integrate it with the exterior wall systems. As part of our design, we evaluated the potential for adding insulation to the roofing assemblies. Highlights of our design include the following:

  • Eliminating abandoned rooftop penetrations and appurtenances
  • Replacing the existing roofing with new heat-welded PVC membranes
  • Adding pavers on a drainage layer to protect the new membrane
  • Providing insulation, where possible

Project Summary



Completion Date
Repair & Rehabilitation | Preservation
Building Enclosures
DRM International, Inc.
Specialized Capabilities
Preservation | Roofing & Waterproofing

Key team members

Joseph  Rogers
Joseph Rogers
Niklas Vigener
Niklas Vigener
Chief Technical Officer
Nicholas Piteo
Nicholas Piteo
Associate Principal