San Francisco, CA

Sutro Tower


Built in 1972, the 977 ft Sutro Tower is the tallest tower in California and serves as a base for radio, television, and microwave transmission throughout the Bay Area.  Since 2002, SGH has performed a wide range of engineering services, including seismic evaluation and upgrade, structural design of tower reconfiguration, annual inspection and repairs, and design of site work and addition of appurtenant structures.

In support of our design services for the tower, SGH completed the following:

  • Developed and maintained a nonlinear dynamic analysis model to evaluate the tower’s adequacy for various modifications
  • Conducted wind tunnel and wind vortex shedding studies
  • Analyzed the effects of corrosion on the structure’s stability and safety
  • Evaluated the tower’s exposure to wildlands fire and developed maintenance plans to control the fire risk
  • Design structural strengthening for the tower and appurtenant structures to remain operational following maximum considered earthquake shaking

Project Summary



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Repair & Rehabilitation
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Sutro Tower, Inc.
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Seismic Engineering | Repair & Strengthening | Risk & Resilience Assessment

Key team members

Ronald Hamburger
Ronald Hamburger
Consulting Principal