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Suffolk County House of Correction


Completed in 1990, the Suffolk County House of Correction (HOC) consists of eight buildings ranging in height from three to fifteen stories. HOC personnel observed water leaking into the buildings. SGH investigated the causes of leakage, designed roofing repairs, and led a team of design consultants.

SGH investigated leakage through roofing, rooftop equipment, precast cladding, sloped glazing, curtain walls, and plazas. We completed a visual survey of the building enclosure, performed water testing to identify leakage paths, and made observations at exploratory openings to document concealed conditions. We also collaborated with a subconsultant to review the existing rooftop mechanical equipment and determined the system had reached the end of its serviceable life.

As prime consultant for the repair work, SGH led a team of consultants. We designed repairs and prepared construction documents for the following:

  • Replacing low-slope roofing on six of the eight buildings
  • Replacing deteriorated insulating glass units on multiple buildings
  • Resealing precast wall panels
  • Upgrading certain areas to meet ADA accessibility requirements
  • Replacing the rooftop mechanical equipment, including ductwork, and installing a new heating/air conditioning system
  • Renovating interiors to install a vocational training kitchen

We also provided construction administration services, including reviewing contractor submittals and observing ongoing work to compare with the project  requirements.

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