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St. Dominic's Church


Built in 1926, St. Dominic’s Church was designed by Arnold S. Constable and the Beezer Bros. of Seattle with a blend of collegiate and English Gothic-Revival styles. The church sought to arrest heavy leaks and address deteriorating and damaged roofing, terra-cotta cladding, and stained glass windows. SGH designed repairs to provide long-term durability.

With a footprint of 28,000 sq ft, the church is nine stories at the nave, thirteen stories to the top of the bell tower, and completely clad in terra-cotta on concrete backup. SGH performed a condition assessment of the roofing, terra-cotta cladding system, and mullion supports for the many stained glass windows. The project included, repairing and replacing select terra-cotta, removing and restoring the stained glass windows, repairing roofing, and cleaning interior cast stone.

Highlights of SGH’s work include the following:

  • Conducted a block-by-block survey of the terra-cotta
  • Performed field and laboratory testing
  • Analyzed structural elements supporting the terra-cotta
  • Designed a new stainless steel reinforcement system for the terra-cotta mullions, which support the historic stained glass windows and the bell tower’s appurtenances
  • Developed in situ cleaning procedures and designed repairs for the terra-cotta, cast stone, and windows
  • Prepared design and construction documents and provided construction administration services
  • Worked with the contractor, subcontractors, and the church to phase construction and minimize disruption to church services

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St. Dominic's Church
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Key team members

Carolyn Searls
Carolyn Searls
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